Set up email for Windows Live Mail

  1. Start Windows Live Mail 2011. If theAdd your email accountspage appears when you start Windows Live Mail, go to step 2. If theAdd your email accountspage doesn't appear when you first open the program, on theAccountstab, aboveNew Account, clickEmail.
  2. On theAdd your email accountspage, do the following:
    1. In theEmail addressbox, enter the Apexhost email address that or your email mangement created for you (for example,
    2. In thePasswordbox, enter the password that you created in our control panel or was provided to you. If you want Windows Live Mail to remember your password, select the check box next toRemember this password.
    3. In theDisplay name for your sent messagesbox, enter the name you want users to see when you send email.
    4. ClickNext.
  3. On theConfigure server settingspage, underIncoming server information, do the following:
    1. On the drop-down menu underServer type, selectIMAPorPOP. IMAP stores emails on the server side, pop stores emails on your local computer. pop is recomended for single computers accessing emails. imap is recomended for multiple devices connecting to get emails. Note: Imap is provided with a 1000mb mailbox which you will have to manage the mailbox via (Manage meaning remove old emails to avoid the box getting full)
    2. UnderServer address, enter the POP3 or IMAP4 server name
    3. SelectRequires a secure connection (SSL).
    4. UnderLog on user name, type your full email address (for example,
  4. UnderOutgoing server information, do the following:
    1. UnderOutgoing server, enter the SMTP server name
    2. Select the check box next toRequires a secure connection (SSL).
    3. Select the check box next toRequires authenticationand then clickNext.
  5. On theYour email account was addedpage, clickFinish.
  6. On theAccountspage, clickClose.

Note port numbers
SMTP: 465
Incoming: 993

SMTP: 465
Incoming: 995

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