I am writing to you to thankyou for your assistance in hosting our website Bairnsdalebnb. Having online experience but not having much experience in this specific area I quickly realised that that having some knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all.

Once contacting yourselves and receiving prompt knowledgeable replies gave me confidence in putting all my trust in your advice and guidance. Now that our website is up and running this been a seamless and painless experience for me .There are many hosts out there but your service sets you above the rest and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your company to the novice , semi professional or full professional alike.

Yours Sincerely Peter Francis.
Bairnsdale BNB

Peter. | www.bairnsdalebnb.com.au

Dear Support

ApexHost.com rocks! All my dealings with David, Edy to get 'urgent things' fixed, is always top notch. I run an online entry system, gateway payment facility for sports events - which is 24 hour access (www.onlineentry.com.au). This is my business, but I was a Chief Software Engineer in Banking Systems for 20 years.

Always found Apexhost an Enterprise level company.

Cheers, Chris.
The Timing Guys
P.O Box 1231
Cronulla, NSW 2230

Chris. | www.thetimingguys.com.au

To Apexhost

I have been an ApexHost customer for quite a few years now and have around half a dozen sites and web apps currently hosted with them. In all that time, they have never once let me down. Their reliability and stability is outstanding, and performance is fantastic. They have also been very flexible in accommodating the various specific needs I have had with some of my sites. Most importantly, their technical support is super responsive and always helpful. I highly recommend ApexHost for your hosting needs.


Mike.Ryan. | Fitweb

To Apexhost

Just to let you know that we have had our web site hosted with you for years and never had any issues. We have other web sites and mail hosted elsewhere and we are now moving all of our stuff to Apexhost. This is for two reasons. Firstly, whenever we need you, you are there and not some automated message. Secondly, your hosting just works. No fuss it just works. Others should take a leaf out of your book.

Level 1, 1268 High Street
Armadale VIC 3143
Ph: +61 3 9500 1401
Fax: + 61 3 9500 9029

Dale Manton. | www.interactivity.com.au

Apexhost Team

We have been using apexhost for some years now, and continue to be impressed by the support and advice that they provide. It goes beyond what I have ever experienced from any other hosting provider.

EarthScience Information Systems

Warwick Wood | www.EScIS.com.au

Thank you Apexhost

Just wanted to let you know how great the service and support received during the recent transfer website from my previous supplier to Apexhost.com.
I have already noticed a remarkable increase in speed and reliabilty.ThankYou

laikimbuk.com Services

Jenkin Steed | www.laikimbuk.com

Thank you

Thank you for your wonderful and continued support of the Cooper Trewin Memorial SUDC Research Fund. With your help we hope to establish research into the Sudden and Unexplained Death in Children and the website that you host for us for free will go a long way in being able to keep everybody informed of our progress and a resource for other families effected by this tragedy. Thank you for your sponsorship, support and friendship it is much appreciated.

Cooper Trewin SUDC Research Fund

Robert Trewin | www.sudc.com.au

To the team at Apexhost.com

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued excellent service. As a web development company we have dealt with various hosting companies over the years. Clearly many of them could learn a thing or two from Apexhost. We have hosted our site with you now for many years and have always found your team to be easy to deal with, your response times quick, and your value for money unquestionable!

It is so hard to find a company that knows asp.net 4.5 so well. Apexhost runs in full trust mode which makes life easy. They also use Windows 2012 with SQL 2012 which is right up to date. Keep up the good work!

David Fuller | www.essendonweb.com.au

TTO whom it may concern

Being a software development company, we have very specific requirements of our Web host, not least of which reliability and accessible technical support, as our software applications and our customers depend on it. In fact, that is the reason we dumped our old Host in the first place. After a lot of research we decided on Apex Host as the replacement, based on the very positive feedback we got from our investigations on the Internet.

And so far, they have done a superb job of things for us. We initially had some difficulties trying to migrate our Web applications from the old host to the new, but Apex's Tech Support team were right there assisting all the way, even during some very odd working hours.

I am extremely pleased with Apex Host and their services. Funnily enough, their extremely competitive pricing has also meant we have been able to subscribe to a few services (such as Exchange Server for our mailboxes) that we couldn't previously afford.

Mike Ryan | www.fitweb.com.au

Hi there,

My name is Sean Steele and I have been a customer of yours (only on discount plans and about 5 registered domains) for about 3 or 4 years now. I have never once been disappointed in all that time with the service I've received from Apexhost. I regularly have had contact with Support and a few interactions with Sales/Billing.

As a reasonably new user to the space of updating my own website and having control over servers, domain and mail admins etc etc it's been quite a learning curve. I've had many many questions (some extremely basic) and have never once been patronised, quite the opposite. Your whole business has been incredible with it's speed and quality of service.... in an industry which is not known for stability, high quality customer service, or efficiency (funnily enough).

Thank you all so much for your fantastic work to date, please ensure this email gets circulated to all your support and accounts personnel. You have one happy customer here and I will continue (as I do regularly) to recommend you to friends, clients and colleagues.

Sean Steele
Co-Founder & Course Leader

Sean Stteele | corporate.studygroup.com


We have been using Apexhost hosting service for more than 3 years now, and we are really satisfied with the quick support response, and their reliable web hosting performance. Special credit to the support guys who helped us a lot in customising our hosting..

If you are looking for Australia based web hosting, definitely Apexhost is the best choice..

Outstanding service and support! Keep the good work guys!

Australia Phone Cards and Calling cards

Teddy Setiawan | www.OzPrepaidCards.com.au

Hi Support Guys,

We hosted our website overseas for 3 years prior to moving to Apexhost. What were we thinking? Since being with Apexhost we have discovered what real service is!

Where else do you get a reply to an email requesting help within minutes! No matter what time of night or day.

As you know, our website was recently the target of an attack due to a scripting problem I absentmindedly left open. Yet, you guys spotted it straight away, removed the malicious code and infection, backed up our entire website returning it to it's prior state... before I even knew anything was wrong - I can't recommend you highly enough and I pass your name on to anyone who asks about hosting without hesitation.

Cheers guys, our website wouldn't be as successful as it has been without you.

Simon (Aussie Streetfighters - ASF) | www.streetfighters.com.au

To Apex staff,,

For months I have been trying to fix a web browser issue, even speaking to experts. Finally, in desperation I called Apex Host, and within 15 minutes they assessed my site and advised how fix it. Great ISP service and totally recommended.

Mix Music Video,

Chris Davis (Director) | www.mixmusicvideo.com.au