Australian Domain Names: Eligibility criteria

auDA Registration Guidelines:

In order to register a or domain name you must fall into one of the following six categories and fill out in full the specified fields:

1) If you are anAustralian registered company

  1. Your company name; and
  2. your Australian Company Number (ACN)

2) If you areTrading under an Australian Registered Business Name

  1. Your registered business name; and
  2. State or Territory of registration; and
  3. your Registered Business Number

3) If you are anAustralian partnershiporsole trader

  1. Your Trading name; and
  2. Your Australian Business Number (ABN)

4) If you are aForeign company licensed to trade in Australia

  1. Your Company name; and
  2. Your Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN)

5) If you are anAustralian Registered Trade Mark Owner

  1. The Name of owner of the trademark; and
  2. The words comprising the trade mark; and
  3. The Trade Mark Number

6) If you are anAustralian Registered Trade Mark Applicant

  1. Name of applicant; and
  2. Words comprising trade mark application; and
  3. Trade Mark Number

Restrictions on Domain Names

There are certain restrictions on the com au/net au domain names you are allowed to purchase

Your domain name must

  1. Be anexact matchof your business name or trademark or,
  2. Be anabbreviationoracronymof your business name or trademark or,
  3. Have aclose and substantialconnection with your business type.

Examples ofClose and Substantial Connections

  • a product that your business manufactures or sells; or
  • a service that your business provides; or
  • an event that your business organises or sponsors; or
  • an activity that your business facilitates, teaches or trains; or
  • a venue that your business operates; or
  • a profession that your business' employees practise.

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