Domain Name: How to Re-Delegate

Your hosting provider may have asked you to 'redelegate' your domain name to their nameservers.

This basically means, you're changing the direction your domain points from its existing server to a new one.

To do this, login to our Domain Management Page at

Next, Click on My Domains, then click on View Details button next to the domain you wish to change. Under the name servers section change the name server domains to the new primary and secondary name servers. Your hosting provider should have supplied you with these, if not please ask them. The hosts will probably be in the form of

Once you enter these, click 'Save Changes', and our system will save your new details.
Redelegation usually takes 24-72 hours to be visible on the web.

If you need to set the name servers to Apexhost name servers (hosting with apexhost) please use the following DNS servers:


You must enter at least two nameservers for your domain for it to be active

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