Domain Transfer: How to transfer an Australian domain name to Apexhost

How to transfer an Australian domain name to Apexhost

  1. First you must get your domain name password, you can do this at this link Click Here this will send the password to the registered owners email address. (If you need to change your current email address listed in the registry you will need to contact your current domain regsitrar)
  2. Once you have the password go to our website,
  3. IN the top menu click on Domain Names and click on the "To transfer your domain name to us click here" link
  4. Enter your domain name to transfer in the field and click check availability.
  5. Click on Add to cart
  6. In the EPP code box enter your password you recovered from step one.
  7. If the name servers are to remain the same leave them set as yours.
  8. Click on Update Cart
  9. Click on checkout if all is ok
  10. If you are an existing client of Apexhost click on Click here to login.
  11. If you are a new client, fill out the form to create a new account.
  12. Once you have completed the checkout proccess your domain will be submitted for transfer to the registry.
  13. You will receive an email requesting you authorise the transfer, you need to complete that and the transfer will take approx 3 days to complete.
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