Issues: Outlook keeps sending my attachment

Outlook keeps sending my attachment over and over again.

There is a number of things that can cause this. Please try them in the following order.
Please note: You should backup your settings, emails and passwords BEFORE you do any of the removal steps below.

1.. Antivirus program interupting the transfer. This is the most common cause of this issue. All anti virus / anti spam software has the ability to scan OUTGOING emails and can get stuck on attachments. There will be an area where you can turn this off, consult your anti virus software vendor for information if you do not know how to do so. Once you have turned this feature off, try sending again.

2.. Older versions of outlook (2003 for example) has a bug where it continues to re-snd the email. There is a lot of documentation on the internet on how to fix this. Many of the so called fixes do not work. Different results for different versions and users. Do a search on google for "outlook keeps sending attachment"

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