Domain Delegation: Delegating your name-servers (DNS) to

Although we encourage all our customers to transfer their domain(s) to our management, this is not a compulsory requirement. You can effectively have your domain managed by any registrar and hosted with any other hosting provider.

Regardless of which registrar maintains the records for your domain, you will need to point the domain to our name-servers. The technical term for this is called Delegation.

We can assist you to delegate any domain that we manage. However, unfortunately we cannot assist when a domain is managed by a competing registrar. To delegate your domain under these circumstances, you will need to contact the registrar. Each registrar has a different process that they follow to delegate the domain name. The end result however is the same. Once the domain is delegated the domain will soon start to resolve to our name-severs, and your service will start to work.

The name-servers records are usually included in our setup email. Unless otherwise stated however, the name-servers are:

Windows accounts:

Linux accouns:

Replace xx with your server number. (Details will be in your setup email)

If these name-seRvers do not work, and you have lost your setup instructions, please email our support desk at: support at

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