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Does Your Company Need Windows Hosting in Melbourne, Australia? Find Out How Apexhost Can Help

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Finding a secure, dependable solution for windows hosting in Australia can be difficult. The problem with many companies boasting windows web hosting in Australia is that they are not Australia based, which can cause serious SEO problems, hurting businesses in the long run. Any company or business searching for windows server hosting in Australia needs to ensure that whoever they agree to host with, is indeed based in Australia, to avoid low website ranking issues.

One of the most prominent, longest lasting companies offering quality windows hosting for Melbourne and the rest of Australia is Apexhost. Apexhost has extensive field experience, professional insight, and is housed in two conveniently located offices, both within Melbourne, Australia.

Learn More about Windows Hosting with Apexhost, Located in Melbourne, Australia

Apexhost first opened in 1999 and has been committed to providing Australia companies with efficient, affordable, and customisable windows, Linux, email, and cloud server hosting solutions. Based in Melbourne, Apexhost offers businesses a professional and innovative windows web hosting method for a competitive price. As one of the first companies in Australia to begin offering web and windows server hosting, Apexhost has grown with the industry. They have adapted their software and products to meet the changing demands of the market, as well as to solve their customers' issues and requests. Apexhost also staffs friendly customer service representatives who are always on call to resolve any problems or troubleshoot any questions you might have.

Benefits of Hosting with Apexhost

When you partner with Apexhost for your windows web and server hosting features, you'll be working with an Australian based company, which can provide you with many benefits. For instance, since your windows server will be hosted in Australia your SEO will be greatly enhanced. By partnering with an Australian company, you will be able to increase your search engine rankings on Google and other search engines, and improve your website traffic.

Other features provided by Apexhost include a free Microsoft Web App Gallery, Australian Domain Access, 24/7 support, fast servers that are consistently and professionally monitored, and easy online access ports. The available plans at Apexhost are also quite varied. You can sign up for as little as $10 a month and increase your rate by $10 per month which each additional tier. With each upgraded account, your bandwidth and web space increase significantly. Don't worry, if you start with a lower plan, you can always upgrade as required.

If your small business or company is looking for a good hosting service for a windows server or web platform, investigate all of the benefits of hosting with Apexhost. Apexhost will supply you with your own registered Australian domain and provide all of the tools you need to successfully launch your company’s website. Find out more information about pricing plans, bandwidth options, and the professional staff at Apexhost by visiting