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Using Apex Hosting for MVC 5, Windows Server Hosting and General Website Hosting in Melbourne, Australia

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When it comes to website hosting in Melbourne, you have plenty of options. Many businesses and individuals choose to use a web hosting company such as Apex Hosting for a number of reasons. We have been in business in Australia since 1999 and have utilised that experience to perfect our services for all the many clients we have served since then - from Windows to MVC 5, we have the knowledge and experience to handle your website safely.

What is Web Hosting?

To determine if you need web hosting, you have to know what exactly it is. Think of us as a landlord of sorts, renting out space on our servers for your website to have a place to live. By paying us a nominal fee every month, your website will remain live on the Internet and accessible by all of your current and potential customers. We do this by holding your website’s information on what are called servers. For those who are already familiar with web hosting terminology, you will be pleased to know that we specialise in MVC 5 web hosting, and Melbourne and many other cities across the country count on us for our superior Linux and Windows hosting in Australia.

Who Needs Website Hosting in Australia?

Every single website on the internet has to occupy physical space on a server, just like every brick-and-mortar building also has to occupy physical space in your city. Servers can be operated on-site, but they require technical know-how and regular upkeep that only somebody with extensive training can handle. That's why web hosting services like ours exist. We take all of the hassles out of the equation by doing all of the maintenance and upkeep that a server requires, keeping your website fully functional and operational at all times.

Why Choose Apex Hosting?

We know you have choices when it comes to Linux and Windows server hosting in Australia. Apex Hosting is a leading choice for many reasons. We are a locally owned and operated Melbourne company that is truly passionate about the work we do. That passion translates into our work- we ensure that your website is safely and securely housed and is available to your users at any time. If maintenance is required, we will do it quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime and keep your site up and running. Our business was started by a man frustrated with the unreliability of other hosting services in Melbourne and Australia, and so we are always working to ensure we provide the best services no matter what.

Call Us Today

If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them for you. Many websites have been using us for five to ten years, so our track record alone proves we have what it takes to host your site. Call us or stop by our website today to learn more about Apex Hosting and everything that we can do for you.