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Apexhost Is Your Choice For Ajax, SQL 2014 & 2016, And Windows 2016 Hosting In Melbourne And Anywhere In Australia

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The modern business in Australia trusts Apexhost for all of its internet needs. The Melbourne company is one of the country's longest running hosting companies serving the nation since 1999. With almost two decades of experience, the company continues to provide the best and most up to date products and outstanding customer support. It is that support which sets Apexhost apart from its competition. From Ajax hosting in Melbourne to domain names and email hosting, Apexhost can provide your business with the virtual solutions it needs to be successful.

The Advantages Of Using Apexhost As A Web Host

With Apexhost, you get a variety of options for hosting. Windows 2016 hosting in Melbourne is provided with 4.7, dotnet 4.7, SQL 2014 and SQL 2016, Ajax, MVC, and IIS8. All of the company's servers can host dotnet applications in full trust mode. All customer websites are safe and secure and run in their own application pool. Apexhost ensures that your website will run efficiently, fast, and be reliable.

You do not need to invest in expensive hardware when you entrust your internet services to Apexhost. A VPS, or virtual private server, is the next best thing to having your own hardware server only without the cost. A VPS is your personal server that runs on its individual operating system. Apexhost can provide hosting for VPS services.

Email plays a big role in modern business operations. Businesses count on being able to access email and send and receive quickly. Apexhost provides businesses with multi-server systems that have ample amounts of storage space. If you want an Australian based email system, Apexhost has it for you.

Ajax Hosting In Australia From Apexhost

If you have a website and are looking for a service that will allow for interactive applications, you need Ajax hosting from Melbourne based Apexhost. Ajax will allow these applications to run on most any internet browser with little difficulty. Ajax hosting is the solution for building websites that will be used on a variety of different browsers. Ajax creates one system that makes all applications work equally well on all browsers.

Using Microsoft SQL 2014 Or SQL 2016

Apexhost makes SQL 2016 hosting in Melbourne a breeze. Mission critical databases rely on the cloud ready technology and solutions available. Power View makes for stunning interactive visualizations. The newer SQL 2016 hosting for Melbourne businesses is also available from Apexhost. The 2016 version builds upon the strengths of the 2014 model with performance gains and unmatched cloud functionality.

Choose Apexhost Today

With Apexhost, customers get a proven, respected company that can help them meet their goals. There are no hidden fees at Apexhost. You buy a complete package complete with substantial storage for all of your crucial files and a variety of plans that are built to meet your needs. You get 24/7 email support and phone support during business hours. Buy with confidence, knowing that Apexhost provides you with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not entirely happy with the service provided, Apexhost will refund your money (minus any domain name purchases).

For more information about services provided by Apexhost, please visit the company online at or call the company directly at +61 2 8025 0566.