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Why You Should Choose a Local Melbourne Company for Your WordPress Hosting, Magneto Hosting and Web Design Templates

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As a Melbourne-based company, provides several advantages that you won't get from far-flung businesses offering web design templates and hosting. If your business operates in the Melbourne area, then there is simply no reason to go beyond the city limits for your web hosting services. In fact, hosting with non-local firms could actually impair your business growth and reach.

Your Vision, Our Technology

The first benefit of using for your web design templates and hosting is that we are local and accessible. Even when you are working with the most skilled website designers out there, building a website is still a collaborative process. You need to provide your aesthetic preferences, your thoughts on the user interface, your ideas on website flow or navigation and more. In other words, when you hire a company like Apexhost to build your website, we provide the technology and the technical expertise, but you supply the vision.

As such, if you are a Melbourne-based entrepreneur or run a business based in the Melbourne area, then working with a local web designer is good for the collaboration of the project. Have any new thoughts or insight on your website, or just want to see how the development of the site is coming along? Stop by our offices on Southbank Boulevard to chat with our designers face to face.

Genuine Australian Hosting for Your WordPress or Magento Site, Based Right Here in Melbourne

In addition to web design templates, Apexhost also offers web hosting services, domain name registration and other similar services. Whether you are building a site with easy-to-use web software like WordPress, or based on an E-Commerce platform like Magneto, Apexhost can provide your hosting services right here in Melbourne.

The benefits of working with Apexhost for your WordPress or Magneto hosting in Melbourne are numerous. Most importantly, though, hosting your website on Australian servers can help you land higher Google search results domestically. In other words, you want your site hosted on servers that you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, are Australian.

Many other web hosting companies offering hosting services in Australia will say that their servers are Australian also. However, some of these companies have servers scattered all over the place, including on foreign soil. As a result, it's tough to know where exactly your site is being hosted, and whether the hosting location is affecting your Google rankings in an adverse fashion.

When you come to Apexhost for your hosting, you can actually see our servers, and they are all right here in Melbourne. Indeed, all of our web servers are located in the Datacom Data Center, which can be found at 190 City Road in South Melbourne. We don't use any foreign servers, which means our hosting services are effective and reliable in boosting your Google rankings as high as they can go.

Interested in using Apexhost for your Magneto or WordPress hosting in Melbourne? Visit our website at to learn more.