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The Advantages of Linux Web Hosting in Melbourne, Australia

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When it comes to web hosting in Australia, there are quite a few choices that you have to make before you can get your website up and running. One of those questions is "which operating system do I use?" There are two primary operating systems used for web hosting. The first, and one of the most familiar is Windows. Linux is another popular option in Melbourne for various reasons. There are quite a few advantages to using Linux- the hardware itself, security, freedom, and stability are just a few.


Windows is a system that frequently requires upgrades and updates while Linux works just fine on any computer and rarely requires any maintenance. It is flexible and scalable, and it doesn't matter how old or state of the art equipment is- Linux will run just fine. It can also be trimmed down to only use the services that you need, which frees up memory and improves speed and overall performance to do an all-around better job at hosting a website.


No matter what you’re using Linux for, it’s almost always more secure than Windows. It was designed from its very inception to be a multiuser OS, which means that fewer users and applications are given access to make administrative decisions or changes. Linux also gets attacked less frequently by viruses since it is used less often than Windows, which means hackers get a better "ROI" for lack of a better term when targeting Windows. The administrator of a Linux hosting system is always in control, and there is less of a chance that others can even get through the system’s security system to do any harm. Freedom

Windows is more about selling a product than anything else, and this relates to operating a server because Microsoft focuses more on their bottom line than they do on putting out a product that actually works well for a business. Since Linux allows you to streamline and mix and match the OS to your exact specifications, it works much better for servers. Google, Amazon, and even world governments count on Linux because of the freedom and adaptability it provides.


Windows is plagued by crashes, malfunctions and downtime - problems that Linux users rarely see. Since downtime can be devastating when it comes to your server, Linux is a great operating system to trust solely for its stability. Even when a Windows system gets an update, it often needs to reboot- not a problem for Linux users. Linux can also handle more simultaneous processes than Windows can.

Use Apex Hosting for Linux Hosting in Melbourne

If you want to hire a Melbourne hosting service that uses both Windows and Linux, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Apex Hosting. We can set you up with Linux hosting in Australia that will provide you with all of the advantages you’ve read about here.