Client Area: Login and Manage my Services, Domains or Hosting

This article explains how to login to the Apexhost website and manage your domains and hosting plans.

To login to our website click on the "Client Area" Link at the top right side of our website.
You login with the email address you signed up with and the password you used.

Once logged inthis area you can manage the following.

  • Edit your details.
  • Change your password
  • Manage My Funds
  • Manage My Invoices
  • Manage My Products
  • Manage My Services
  • Manage My Domains
  • Manage My Commissions
  • Manage My Quotes
  • Manage My Emails
  • Manage My Tickets
  • Manage My Contacts
Edit Your Details.
In this area you can:
  • Change your contact details
  • Change you sub accounts (if used)
  • Change contacts (if used)
  • Change Credit Card details.
  • Change your password.
  • Change security questions.
Manage My Funds:
This area is currently not used by our system

Manage my Invoies:
This area allows you to manage/view/pay/print invoices.

Manage My Products/Services:
This area allows you to manage any services you have with us like Hosting or Products.
If you have a hosting plan you can click on the Manage button on the right of the plan. This will display the plan items, user/passowrds and allow you to login to the hosting control panel.
You can also login to your control panel directly by going to

Manage My Domains:
This area allows you to manage all domain names you have registrered with Apexhost.
Clicking the manage button next to the domain name takes you to the Domain management area.
In this area you can set auto renew options, Name servers, Renew the domain name, view contact details, Get the EPP code (if AU domains) and Register name servers.

ManageMy Commissions:
This area is not used for retail accounts it is more for resellers.
If you are a reseller contact your account manager for details.

ManageMy Quotes.
This area is for clients that have current quotes on special services or products like Dedicated servers or Co-Location

ManageMy Emails:
This area lets you see all system emails sent to you and or system renewal reminders, tickets, receipts etc etc.

ManageMy Ticktes:
This area lets you see the tickets you have in the system, either closed, open, active or in proccess.
You can also view the tickets from this area.

Manage My Contacts:
This area allows you to add contacts to your account and you can choose what areas they can access. Example you could create a contact that only gets Invoices.

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