What is included in the VPS server full management

This article relates to VPS clients on any plan that includes Full Management.

Windows updates:
Windows updates will be installed on your server on the second Wed of each month.
Microsoft releases updates on this date and to avoid zero day vunerabilities we install them as soon as we receive them.
In most cases (where the release is not critical) we will install the patches/updates on that evening well out of business hours. Servers are not restarted until after 10 PM.
If a release is critical we can restart during business hours but in most case we wil leave it to late as possible.

Backups are included in all VPS Full Management plans.
Your server will have a snapshot (virtual capture of the entire system) taken every night and copied to local SAN.
The SAN will have 7 days of snapshots available for restore. The files are not accessable to clients.
File level restore is available on request and up to 3 restores are allowed free of charge per month.
Full restore of your server is only required if a hardware failure forces us to need the files, in most cases problems with your server can be resolved wothout restore.
Additional backups of databases or offsite backups to local or international data centers are allso avaialable at axtrra cost.

Dual Firewalls and networks:
Every VPS server is connected to dual networks via VMWARE load balance/failover system. The network is fully redundant with multiple routers/switches connected to the Internet.
All VPS servers are also behind dual failover hardware firewalls. These firewalls block all ports by default except ports http/https. For additional ports you can request them at startup.

All VPS managed plans come with full server monitoring. This iscludes monitoring of up to 5 services (http/https/ftp/ping/database for example). Every 5 mins we query your server for that service and if it fails to respond one of our staff and yourself are notified. Our staff will cary out normal recovery techniques and in most cases your server is recovered. In the event that your server is not recovered our staff will contact you requesting next step.

Additional services can be included in your plan, please speak to your sales rep for more details.
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