Changing Account Holders

To change account holders, please update as follows:

Standard Change of Details:

1. If you need to change the main contact, or add additional contacts to your account, simply login at

2. Click on Edit Details, Add New Contact, etc,. and press Save.

New Ownership Details:

If you have sold your business, and simply need to change your contact details, please:

1. Send billing at .au an email (from the account holder's email), advising 'change of owner', and please include the new owners details as follows:

Name, Surname, New owner email, Address & Phone No.

2. Please instruct us to change any Domain Name Registration details to the new owners name, if you ALSO have the domain name registration with

(We will need the above details, and ABN OR ACN). This will incur a $75 (Registrant Change Fee by Domain Registrar).

NOTE: If your domain name was not purchased through us, please contact your domain name provider to do a 'Change of Registrant'.

If you are unsure, please email us, and we will look into this for you, to determine who your domain registar is.

Thanks, and good luck.

If you have any questions, please ask billing at apexhost We are always happy to assist.

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