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Build an Affordable Website, with ASP.NET Windows 2012 MVC Hosting in Melbourne, Australia

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Are you looking to build an affordable website in Australia? If so, then can help. Whether you are looking for a budget website for your personal brand, a small or medium-sized business, an E-Commerce store or even a massive corporation, the ASP.NET hosting options we offer from our Melbourne location are options worth considering.

Run through the Microsoft Windows 2012 hosting framework, ASP.NET websites can be extremely dynamic and affordable. And by working with an experienced web developer with a good track record, you can make sure your money goes a long way, too.

Apexhost has been operating in the Melbourne area for 16 years. We have two big priorities at our business: the first is to provide our clients with peerless service and product; the second is to build stunning web pages for a variety of different applications and services. Luckily, these two priorities go hand in hand, and our ability to accomplish both at once explains why we have been around since the peak of the late 1990s/early 2000s internet boom.

Why Choose ASP.NET MVC Web Hosting?

At, we consider ourselves a 'one stop shop' for all of your internet needs. From web hosting and domain names to custom email systems, all the way to full managed virtual solutions, we do everything that you or your business might need to establish a presence on the web. For web hosting, we work with a wide range of server types, operating systems and net frameworks. ASP.NET hosting is one of the many different hosting options that we offer to our customers.

ASP.NET is a quality web hosting option for Australian clients for numerous reasons. A free, open-source web application framework developed as part of Windows Server 2012, ASP.NET is a web development tool that essentially gives users everything they need to develop dynamic web pages. Using the Microsoft .NET Framework with MVC5 (model-view-controller), ASP.NET offers advanced web design and services, caching, application deployment and more. MVC, specifically, is a web architecture for impressive graphical user interfaces.

When you choose ASP.NET MVC hosting for your website, you can build and host any website, for any operation, for similar affordable rates. For instance, at, our ASP.NET hosting plans in Melbourne run from $10 (for our 'Budget' package) and $50 (for our 'Corporate' offering). Each package comes with 24/7 customer support and free access to the Microsoft Web App Gallery. The main differences between the different packages lie in web space and bandwidth.

Learn More about ASP Web Hosting in Melbourne Today!

Are you interested in learning more about the ASP.NET MVC web hosting packages we offer at Apexhost, or about why you might choose ASP.NET over other available hosting frameworks? Visit us online, at, or give us a call, at +61 2 8025 0566. One of our customer service reps will be happy to walk you through the benefits of choosing ASP web hosting for your Australian website.