System wide upgrades planned for April 2014

During the next few weeks our staff will be upgrading core systems and servers across out network.
There is no outages expected during business hours for this period, there may be the odd small outage here and there but we will make sure it is well after midnight.
If there is any large outages (would only be out of hours) we will provide info about it here and or let you know about it.

  • Upgrades planned.
  • New 10Gbe copper network used for the ISCSI network and backups.
  • 4 x new Dell R720 servers jam packed with the latest technology.
  • AAPT connection added to our pool which allows us an extra failover option should we need it.
  • Upgraded VPN cisco routers
  • Upgrade boarder 3700 Cisco switches
  • New layer 7 intrusion detection devices

Apexhost Support

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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