How to setup Trendy Site Builder

  • First you need to login to your Cpanel server. Usually htp://

  • Once logged in click on Trendy Tools under the Software/Services area.

Trendy site builder

  • THe site builder screen will load up.
  • Start by selecting the layout you like first. Can be any layout really but they are catorgorised. Click on Proceed.
  • Enter the title for you site. Example Kates nail shop and click on Go.
  • The builder may take a while to load.
  • Once the builder has loaded you are now in the site building area.
  • You can now change the site to suit your requirements. You can pretty much change anything at all that you want to. Play around wtih it for a while to get the hang of it.
  • When you are done with the design click on the Publish button on the top menu. 
  • You will see a pop up with: Please Click on 'Add domain' Link To Submit FTP Info
  • Click on the "Click Here To Go To Member Login Section" this takes you to the site publish area. Click on the Add Domain button under your new site name.
  • In the Website FTP address:
  • In the FTP Login enter your FTP usename: (this can be found in your setup email we sent to you)
  • In the FTP Password: (This can be found in your setup email we sent to you)
  • Leave the FTP - TLS/SSL (FTPS) tickbox UNTICKED.
  • Click on Verify Connection.
  • It should show Connection verified successfully in GREEN.
  • In the publish directory select public_html
  • In the domain name URL that maps to your Publsh Directory enter your domain name: Example: (Replace this wilt your real website address) Click on Submit when done.
  • It will load up some information about success in red with a test link to click on. Clicking on the test link should open your website with a test page that says: Welcome to HTML5 Website Builder!
  • You have completed this section, close the window by clicking on the X at the top right corner.
  • Now click on the edit button to take you back to the builder.
  • Now click on the Publish button again, your site will now publish to the cpanel server.
  • Once complete going to your website should show the new site.

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