Backing up and Restoring Hosting Space

Open Hosting Space home page.

Control panel gives you wonderful ability to backup your hosting space and all its resources like domains and DNS zones, web sites, FTP and mail accounts, databases and database users, files and others.

To open Space Backup wizard click Backup link in the right Tools section on space home page:

Specify backup name (you could give it any extension) and then select backup destination.

Select target hosting space to save backup files and select folder within that space and then click Backup button to finish the wizard.

If you have more than one hosting space under your account (for example if another backup hosting space was created for you by hosting provider) you could backup hosting space to a different hosting space.

To restore hosting space click Restore link in the right Tools section of hosting space home page:

Select hosting space where backup file is stored and then click File field to select backup file using popup file picker. Click Restore button to finish the wizard.

Please note that you cannot restore selected items from space backup, but only whole space at once. However, restore wizard will skip the restoration of items that are already exists in the space, so you could be safe here.


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