Managing Domains

Note: The main domain will most likley be already created in your account. You may or may not have permissions to add more domains. Depends on the plan you have purchased. If you do not have quota the link will not work.

Before creating web site or mailbox you have to add Domain first. Domain in DotNetPanel has the following characteristics:

1.      Domain means top-level domain.

2.      You could create a new web site for the domain, but domain could not be added as a pointer to another web site.

3.     Domain could have an Instant alias for accessing related resources before DNS propagation.

 To manage domains click Domain in the left menu on hosting space home page.

To add a new domain click Add Domain button:

Then click Domain option:

Specify domain name without www. in the beginning and then choose provisioning options. There might be various provisioning options depending on resources allowed in the hosting space. Create Instant Alias is only available if its configured on hosting plan level and Enable DNS option is checked as well.

Click Add Domain button to create domain.

To see domain properties screen click the link with its name in the list of domains:

On domain properties screen you can see if:

1.       Selected domain is mail enabled, i.e. there is a mail domain with the same name was created.

2.       Domain is already pointing to a web site.

3.       DNS zone exists for this domain, i.e. DNS is enabled.


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