Issues: Trouble receiving emails from some people

There are many possible reasons for this. Please find below some possible solutions:

1.. Bounce. If someone tries to send you an email and it bounces back to them ask them to read out what the bounced message says. 99% of the time it is a simple thing like Mailbox Full or similar. The bounced message will explain the reason why.

2.. Our mail server uses a central database of known spammers IP addresses and will reject an email if it comes from one of these types of mail servers. Sometimes Large ISP's (Internet service providers) can end up on these lists. If you know this person and receive emails from them on a regular bassis you can login with your email address and password, (See 5 if you have not registered yet) once logged inyou will see the email that they sent you, click on deliver (Or delete if it is spam) and it will deliver to your mailbox, you only need to do this once from then on it will remember this email address..

3.. We also only authorize emails if they come from a properly configured mail server. If the sender is sending from a make shift mail server (Which is what spammers do) then we reject it.

4.. We have an extensive anti spam system, your email could be getting caught in this system. When our system thinks an email is spam it is placed into a spam quarantine queue. It will sit here for 7 days or until you remove it. There are a couple of ways you can access this list.

5.. You can log into the spam system at and view emails that are marked as spam. If you do not have an account in this system you can do so by clicking on the register link and enter your email address, it will email you a password.

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